Engelbeck, 04.09.2023 (Kreuzberg-Berlin)

I made this urbansketch with some urbansketchers, guests for the #uskberlin2023 USk Deutschland-Treffen 2023 : Francesco Fontana and Susanne Leontine Schmidt 😀 . During the
It was such a nice weather with a blue sky ! 💙
📍 It’s the quartel of Kreuzberg. In the background, you can see the church “St Michael Kirche”. I drew it 13 years ago and it’s still the same ruin.

➡️ We were on the “Mauerweg” (way of the wall). Here was a dead zone between 1961 and 1989, the border between East and West-Berlin.
➡️ Now there is a beautiful roses garden. 🌹
🖌 Tools: fineliner (0.05) + wash (black ink with water) + ink color pencils + white dry pastel .

Laeti (Laetitia Hildebrand)


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