Wismarplatz during the last days of winter

The brown wash on the right froze while I was drawing – I had to take it all inside and add most of the lines at home.
And some people on public transport:

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  1. beautiful pictures! by the way: usk.berlin-member Felix Scheinberger gives a hint what to do if watercolor freezes in his awesome book "wasserfarben für gestalter": don't paint with water, use alcohol instead. vodka or obstler for example. of course you can also take a sip from time to time to warm yourself up 😉

  2. Beautyful colors on Wismarplatz. Your people in public transport are from 2 days one in pencil, the other in ink? I must try that.

  3. Yes, I tend to layer my people drawings in different media – pencil/ink, different colors, or the first layer in water soluble ink, wash it over and then the second in something else. It is a fascinating way to play around with them!

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