Sketches from the Rinbgahn

The first two were made on the train stations (S-Bahn) of Westhafen and Halensee, respectively, the third is a view of Skalitzer Straße in sunday morning sun, and the fourth shows three houses in Lichtenberg’s Wartenbergstraße.
Westhafen (Ringbahn)
Halensee (Ringbahn)
Skalitzer Straße
Only the one in the house middle seems to be inhabited still; the windows in the house on the left are all already broken. I’ll have to go back on a day warm enough to draw in more detail. This was done yesterday early in the morning, when the sun suddenly disappeared and a cold wind made me hurry up.

P.S. This weekend is Berlin Gallery Weekend, and I have written a little guide to the exhibitions focusing on painting and drawing.

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