Sketchcrawling, SOMA and some more random sketches

Saturday’s sketchcrawl took us to the SOMA exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, where reindeer lounge about in a big hall eating fly agaric, accompanied by twenty-four canaries, eight mice and two flies, half of which are fed the urin of the reindeer eating fly agaric, so the visitors can decide if they perceive a difference in the behaviour between the sober side and the one ‘on mushrooms’. It is a big and very strange set-up:
I didn’t see much of a difference between the animals on either side, and I didn’t see the mice at all, but drawing fly agaric is fun. Drawing the reindeer was strange, their bodies are just completely different from anything I usually sketch, and I couldn’t help but pity them, as they seemed bored bordering depressed. There just wasn’t anything to do for them, and not enough space to really run around either. The idea to spend a night in the bed above them and drink mushroomed piss lost every apeal: I wouldn’t want to spend a night overlooking a herd of pitifully bored animals, whether tripping on some substance or not.
After that Rolf and I, the remaining sketchcrawlers, had coffee in the Hamburger Bahnhof’s café, where this gentleman sat down right in my view to read the newspaper, and thus got drawn twice.

Later that day I went to a indie fashion show to try and see if there was some stylesketching to be done, looking at the crowd rather than the show. It turned out to be too dark, but sketching the night life on the train on my way was nice.

I think that curly lady is the same as the one in this sketch from a while ago.
I was too surprised this time, but should I sketch her again I think I will tell her. Looks like she was even wearing the same coat!
And some of my usual random train sketching:

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