Schönhauser treffen

fighting with felt tip markers. The beauty of the broad tip is that it
forces one to loosen up and build up layers from large blocks of colour. A
technique which I need plenty more practice in. 
This is from Kastanienalle looking onto the Schönhauseralle S-Bahn station from the
retaurant  “An einem Sonntag im August”. 
meet up with a good size gathering of the Urban Sketchers Berlin
for brunch buffet, (not exactly breakfast and not really lunch) last
weekend here on a day in May in the high twenty degree Berlin heat. Next
stop was the giant Karaokee in Mauer Park organised by the slightly mad fellow country man of mine every Sunday the sketch of which must remain under the bed
On the train journey the previous day I coincidentally sat opposite an
elderly gentleman who I had drawn before from a different angle. The drawing
on the left was done in January and on the right done last week. let me
know which one you prefer.

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