im Klausener Platz Kiez, Charlottenburg

Schon der 2te Flohmarkt in diesem Jahr, aber trotzdem hatten wir genug Kram zum unter-die-Leute-bringen angesammelt. Die Nachbarn sind offenbar alle auf der Strasse und wir kaufen diesmal sogar weniger neuen Kram, als wir alten loswerden.

Rolf Schröter |

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  1. Hi Pierre,
    Sorry -I do not speak French (I used automated translation, to read your comment). I will answer in English:
    Thank you a lot!
    I use a brushpen with waterproof ink for the lines, and watercolor with a traditional brush for coloring. This is in a notebook, I got from a friend, who bought it in Shanghai-some rice paper, I guess.
    I very rarely exhibit (I mostly work in sketchbooks that do not like to hang in frames) and even more rarely happen to be in Paris (which is sad..)….

  2. Rolf, thank you for your reply.

    I will continue to watch your drawings on the Internet.

    I love to draw in the market too in Paris, or at the local coffee
    inside the market. I only began using watercolors (one color for the moment) and an ink pen. I bought a waterproof ink too.

    I exhibited my sketches once in my studio in January. I renovated the
    shop and framed the sketches myself in oak frames because I'm a
    carpenter. (you can see small pictures here :

    In your drawings there is a whole world. I mainly like your line, so
    varied. Unlike these uniform lines obtained with pens, influenced by
    comics and advertising. All the same ! I love your transparent colors too.

    Kind regards,


  3. your studio is really charming, beautiful atmosphere!

    and i have just started to follow your sketches on flickr, nice and lively!

  4. Thank you Rolf,

    I understand your reservations to display your drawings in your rice paper notebooks that are filled, I presume, of drawings, double-sided.
    If you were once attracted by the opportunity to exhibit the drawings in a place, you could, maybe, consider finding a support such as the one you have chosen, but with detachable drawings, in order to extract without damaging others?
    I think that if exposing it should be done seriously. One cannot place them on the ground or piling them in a stack. They must be presented to the visitor who discovers for the first time as what they are: precious works. Which requires to value each one. Not just select them. One must not only show the drawing, must make him want to buy it.

    I have a question to ask you about some drawings:


    What process did you follow? Have you traced the lines first or first colors?

    Thank you.


  5. On my drawing process: I always start with lines. On the one hand this seems to be my way to understand objets (as objects, not as shapes), on the other hand I could not work into the very wet watercolor, as I use it. I work in quite short time on location, there is no time for the color to dry. I think one can see, that for me the 'line layer' is the guiding structure. Coloring I tend to not fill all shapes properly, but only some that i refere to as essential, and then I work more freely, focusing on light and atmosphere in a last batch.

    The drawings you listed are all in small pocket sketchbooks, mostly started with a fountain pen or / and a brush pen. I sometimes draw a person first, and than add the surroundings, sometimes I draw a scene and add a person later, if somebody shows up (than the figures are transparent, and I often use another tool, e.g. brush pen over thinner line drawing, to separate the layers).
    The upper two drawings from flickr in your list are done withe a self cut reed dip pen and sepia ink, the last one is brush pen again.

  6. On exhibiting: actually I could cut the ricepaper-sketchbook apart. The pages are doubled, so the drawings are on single sheets that I only would need to mount together. But I do not think I will. To me the most beautiful way to view sketches is to flip through a sketchbooks.

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